Monday, February 16, 2015

GIAPO Ice Cream - Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand

I heard some rumors about how good of this ice-cream shop, GIAPO. First, the decoration of an ice-cream that you will get from the shop is entirely amazing gorgeous. Even so, good decoration alone won't make GIAPO become famous, the taste of their ice-cream is overwhelmingly amazing!! With a great taste and lovely decoration, they both send this ice-cream into another level!!

GIAPO is located on the famous Queen Street in Auckland, so you can easily find them for tasting.

At first, I tried the signature taste "New Zealand Lamington". Its taste like a coconut and the other thing that I cannot recognize. However, I can say that its taste delicious with good strange that you cannot find it anywhere else.

This is the texture of New Zealand Lamington, the taste that you should try once.

To guarantee that GIAPO is famous, just look at these people on the queues.

I try cup because its price is lower. But if you do not care about the price (it not expensive) you should try the deluxe cone which you can see from the picture below.

In front of the shop, you can sit, relax and taste your yummy ice cream here. ^ ^

GIAPO is easy to find. Just walk along the Queen street and when you see The CIVIC, look for GIAPO, you won't miss it.
I just tried for once but I can say that GIAPO is the one of best ice cream shop that all of you should try. If you visit Auckland and miss this ice cream, it might be said that you do not complete your trip in Auckland because you miss something important to taste!!